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Welcome to Team fightback, as a member with us you can expect to be able to access some of the best martial arts and fitness training available.


We have clubs of many styles and disciplines spread across the UK with some of the best instructors, not just in the UK, but in the world.


You will have the choice to join in whichever club or group suits you best and be able to participate as a full student and progress with them.


You will gain access to our database of current member clubs listed which you will be able to access for training.

Discounted training fees with all our clubs with access to all of the facilities they offer.


All of our member clubs will offer a minimum discount of 20% but most will offer more.


Want to start your own business with Team Fightback?


You also have the opportunity to train as an instructor in any of our programmes including Fightback Martial Arts, Fightback Fitness and fightback Bootcamp. We can help you to build a career, offer training, certification, insurances support, guidance and everything required to run a successful fitness business.


Connect and share


Access to our Fightback community and member groups and private Facebook groups. Here you will be able to connect and share information, gain information and meet others. You will also have access to our support network. We are partnered with Minds At War that has staff and policies in place to offer any extra help and guidance to help the individual to achieve their goals.


Membership to Prism-org.


You will automatically become a Prism member on joining allowing you to access insurance, certification, CPD training, access to seminars and specialist training programmes. This will allow you to access all of the services within Prism.




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