Are you in education or corporate?


We at Team fightback have a wealth of knowledge and experience gathered from many years of professional study, real-world experience and exposure to various subject matters over a range of topics.


Our in-person workshops and talks are designed to be useful resources towards meeting any PHSE requirements and good citizen targets for schools and education.


For corporate and business clients we can offer a bespoke package tailored to your specific requirements whether that be team building, CPD or nationally recognised qualifications.


We can offer a range of workshops and courses delivered by highly skilled trainers including:


  •  Self Defence

  • Anti-bullying.

  • Knife awareness

  • The Consequences of Violence

  • Building Confidence

  • Mental Health.


By using us for your training requirements you will be directly impacting the future for veterans and their families and helping to create a platform where through education we can build a better future for all.



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